COVID Response 2.0 - Updated August 2020 

Effective March 2020, our chapter had previously suspended all in-person activities until we were able to better gauge the progression and impact of COVID-19. After evaluating how our local government and ASHRAE Society have responded these past months, we are now able to phase an appropriate response to continue activities in a safe and modified format. Our chapter will commence the regular monthly chapter meetings in an online, remote format for the months of September thru December. Fortunately with these remote sessions, we have greater access to Distinguished Lecturers who will provide the most relevant information on topics like indoor air quality, building pressurization, etc.

In addition, we are investigating additional remote activities that will allow us to regain the social networking aspect of our gatherings while keeping the health of our members as the top prioirty. We will provide a formal update to our COVID-19 response in November 2020, which will primarily investigate the potential for in-person activities with proper precautions.

Other updates:

  • ASHRAE SJV Officer and Chair positions have been established for the 2020-2021 year. Please visit to see your new board
  • ASHRAE Central Regional Conference is ongoing. We are in attendance to learn best practices and brainstorm new ways to engage members despite social distancing  
  • Committee has been established specifically to investigate ways to implement modified social activities outside of chapter meetings  
  • Budget for year to be drafted using the QuickBooks Online platform to streamline Treasurer activities. Board members to undergo QuickBooks training 
  • We have a couple open positions (Membership Promotion, Research Promotion, and Newsletter/Webmaster). Please reach out if you're interested!


Best Regards,

ASHRAE SJV Board of Directors

There are no upcoming events.




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